Mario is back with an all new party game

Peyton Sperry, Staff Reporter

   Mario and his friends are back in an all new Mario Party game full of retro mini games and boards from the original Mario Party games but the question is: Is this the game that saves the Mario Party franchise? The answer to that is… Yes it does save the Mario Party franchise. While there is room for improvement this game is exactly what us Nintendo fans wanted for a Mario Party. Sure we got Mario Party top 100 for the 3ds that was supposed to have mini games but it left out all the good mini games and there was only one board and it wasn’t even a retro board, this brand new Mario Party is a big improvement from that other game. 

    Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario and all of his other games decided to make a brand new Mario Party game for people that used to play the old games back when the Nintendo 64 launched Mario Party 1 till now with the switch. The game is $60 and you can find it at stores near you or on the NintendoEshop on the switch. 

    There are a lot of good things about this game that make it fun. First is the graphics, the graphics got a lot better since the last Mario Party which was Super Mario Party, that also came out with the switch and that game was alright. Second, they finally made a good Mario Party game. The last good one was Mario Party ds for well as it says in the name the ds. Third, Most of the retro mini games and boards are back and look very nice. You can play 100 retro  mini games from Mario Party 1 to 10  and play on 5 retro boards from Mario Party 1 to 2. 

    However there is room for improvement for this game I think there should be more boards as free dlc like Nintendo sometimes does with there Mario games of course or paid dlc and also with the boards they should add more characters to the game since there’s only 10 characters in the game and the last Mario Party which I said before was Super Mario Party had 20 characters at least add 5 characters and 5 more boards Nintendo for dlc. 

    Overall, I do recommend this game to anyone who has played the other Mario Party games and loves playing video games with your friends. I mean this is a good game to ruin your friendship with your friends so if you like doing that then you need this game cause that’s what Mario Party games are all about ruining friendships.