New Delicias Elita paleteria opens to local Hammond residence

April Sepulveda , Staff reporter

As my mom was driving back from school one gloomy day, we stumbled upon a bright pink building. The car went silent as we all looked up to see the name on the building. We were startled, the sign read “Delicias Elita” very similar to La Michoacana. We had never seen one here in Hammond, there are only two in E.C. All of us were excited to have this restaurant. I had never seen my mom more set on something like this ever. She demanded that we all get out of the car to taste this new restaurant. 

As we walked in, the inside looked finer than we expected.The place looked very clean, and smelled unbelievably good. The place is well decorated, there’s a lot of bright colors there. The vegetables are displayed behind a glass counter. The menus are big and have many pictures. Now let’s see if the food is as great as the restaurant. 

Most of the food is amazing, even better than the one in E.C. The Hot Cheetos with cheese taste great. The cheese isn’t runny nor has a bad smell. The ice cream is the best thing there! It’s ice cream flavors are one in a kind, ones you won’t find anywhere else. One flavor I have never seen before is Gansito,the idea comes from a popular Mexican snack named Gansito. The ice cream tastes very similar it looks identical to the snack. The yogurt with fruit can maybe be improved. The yogurt tastes fresh and good but the fruits taste old. They were very watery and too soft. They might want to change where they buy their fruits. Their tortas taste fantastic, they are soft , and have fresh meat and bread.

I believe that this is really a place worth visiting. I recommend trying their ice cream and you won’t be disappointed. I would also recommend their milkshakes, and anything that contains their ice cream. I would say to stay away from yogurt with fruits. It’s not worth it. For a price of $5, I would expect to have decent fruit. Their prices are pretty affordable, most things being around $5. 

Delicias Elita can be found at 443 Conkey St, Hammond, IN 46324 website is