Pumpkin spice and not everything nice

Is pumpkin ice cream really worth it?

Victoria Piskol, Staff Reporter

Pumpkin flavoring. Some like it and some don’t. I personally don’t think that pumpkin is a flavor to be put in anything. There’s pumpkin spice, pumpkin flavored ice cream, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin spice caramel corn, and pumpkin spice Cheerios.

Pumpkin spice is something that has been coming into people’s worlds in so many different ways. Whether you think about it in your breakfast Cheerios, your Starbucks order or even your ice cream.  

Many people truly enjoy ice cream. There are many kinds and flavors of ice cream. Whether you’re thinking about cookies and cream or chunky monkey. There are many different variations of ways to eat your ice cream. Some think that ice cream is a delicacy and something that you can enjoy all year. I am a person who enjoys eating ice cream all year round. 

It really is a flavor of ice cream and many different companies make it in different variations. For example, there are often pumpkin pie or pumpkin cheesecake ice cream flavors made by many different brands. 

I bought the pumpkin cheesecake flavor from Ben and Jerry’s. The packaging was okay, kind of basic. It really was just the normal packaging just had a different ice cream flavor on it. 

The ice cream itself I’m not too sure what I was expecting. I definitely was expecting a surge of pumpkin flavoring which I was not excited for. The flavor name is pumpkin cheesecake so I was also expecting a little bit of cheesecake chunks or extra cheesecake flavoring. I also am not a huge fan of cheesecake so this ice cream wasn’t very appealing to me just by seeing the flavor name. 

It ended up having only a slight pumpkin taste. It wasn’t too overpowering considering that I normally am not a fan of pumpkin flavoring. There were some chunks in the ice cream but while you were tasting the pumpkin, you weren’t really able to taste the chunks of what I presume was cheesecake. 

Overall, I did not like the ice cream. I didn’t like the flavor of the pumpkin and I didn’t like the chunks of the cheesecake that was in the ice cream either. It reminded me of these pumpkin muffins that I used to like when I was younger, but now it just doesn’t sit right with me. I personally didn’t think that it was worth the price point, but that is what you are getting for the brand name on the ice cream. 

If you want some pumpkin cheesecake ice cream by Ben and Jerry’s you are able to buy it at select locations for a total of $4.59 for a 16oz container of the ice cream.