What’s the hype over Squid Game?


Jasmin Williams, Staff Reporter

    Would you play a deadly game despite risks, for money? Netflix’s hit series Squid Game, is a Netflix Korean thriller drama series that was released Friday, Sept. 17, 2021. Squid Game is the first Korean drama to hit the number one spot on Netflix just 4 days after its release. 

    Squid Game is about a group of desperate people who are tricked into a children’s game of six rounds consisting of deadly challenges in order to win a massive amount of money. Many people didn’t quite know what they were getting into. At one point in the series the game became so deadly many people voted to leave but eventually came back because this was their last chance to pay off their debts and live the life they wished.

    The children’s game consists of six rounds. Players will continue to play each round of a game until they fail. If you fail any of the rounds you will die on the spot. The first game is red light, green light. How this game works is, the doll will yell green or red light. If anyone is caught moving you will die on the spot. Players who cross the finish line within the time given, pass this round and move on. The second game is the Dalgona candy challenge. They were asked to choose a shape and had to carefully remove the shape from the honeycomb without tearing it apart. Several players try their best to complete this game in the time given, unfortunately many died. The third game is tug of war. Players had to work together and use their tactics to pull the other team off the edge of the platform. The fourth game is marbles. One player is supposed to pick a number of marbles and place it in their hand with their fist closed. The opposite player then has to guess if the number of marbles in their hand is even or odd. The fifth game is the glass tile game. Players had to make their way over the bridge made of glass. If you step on the wrong glass, half the glass breaks. The last game is the squid game. The offense needs to reach a certain space at the end of the playing field. The defense then has to stop that from happening. What makes the games more challenging and intense is that there are these guards dressed in red suits watching your every move. Waiting for you to screw up. In the end one of the main characters, Seong Gi-hun manages to win all the games and wins all the money. 

    Some people have argued that Squid Game was too dark and violent. Watching children’s games turned into a deadly game. Players put against each other and betrayed, to play these games that cause death, over money. 

    I like Squid Game because the series shows real life situations apart from the games. In every episode I can learn something about the characters. Get a deeper meaning as to why the players are really there. Squid Game gave me lessons about inequality, finances, debt, family, friendship and loyalty. Not only were people there to pay off their debts but they were there for their family too. To provide for them and live the life they wished. I would definitely recommend this show.