Dairy Queen outdoes themselves with a new treat


Valerie Arellano, Staff Reporter

Dairy Queen is one of the most popular soft serve franchises in the United States, and its signature treat, the DQ Blizzard, has been hooking frozen confectionery fans every time they release a new or seasonal blend.

I tried Dairy Queen’s new seasonal Blizzard, the choco dipped strawberry Blizzard. The Blizzard has sweet strawberry toppings with ice cream mixed with chocolate chunks.

When I open the container up, it looks very nice. There are chocolate chunks and pieces of strawberry on the top and it’s a nice pink color. The first bite has a very light strawberry taste and the balance of it mixes well together. It’s a sweet and delicious treat that any age can have. It’s not too sweet, it’s just right, the bitterness of the chocolate goes well with the sweetness of the strawberry. The strawberry doesn’t taste artificial either, it tastes very good, the colors of this blizzard are very festive and bright. You could purchase this Blizzard at Dairy Queen Grill & Chill, located at 830 Ridge Rd, Munster IN. The mini size Blizzard is $2.89, the small is $3.69, the medium is $4.09, and the large is $4.69.
Some undesirable qualities of this Blizzard is that it left an unappealing after taste.

Overall, this Blizzard was very delicious and I would recommend this. It’s good to have for a cold day, it reminds you of summer when you have this.