SerenDIPity ‘dips’ into the customizable donut trend

SerenDIPity Ice Cream Parlor


SerenDIPity’s famous llama statue decorated for the Christmas season.

Grace Buksa, Reporter

“This shop looks like it would be on Pinterest,” my younger sister said when we first pulled into the parking lot of SerenDipity Ice Cream Parlor, a customizable donut shop on 120 N Griffith Blvd Street. “You’re right, this place definitely looks like it would be on the trendy shops board on Pinterest” I said, while taking the first few steps into the brightly decorated building. 


SerenDipity is a relatively new ice cream and donut shop that first opened in August of this year. It’s a small shop that is usually busy during 4:00-6:00 p.m. and least crowded between the hours of 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. With its 30 different ice cream flavors, including blue panda (a sugar cookie based flavor, $3.50 for a small cup), this place is the best spot for ice cream lovers. Besides having ice cream, they offer a variety of concession style food. Their most popular item on the east section of their menu is their loaded nachos, (a generous amount of tortilla chips covered in drizzled nacho cheese, sour cream, sliced tomatoes, olives, jalapeños and sliced cilantro). 


Despite opening in August of this year, SerenDIPity is just starting to become well known now. It’s a relatively small building (10 tables with 4 seats, and no outdoor seating options), typically seasonal music is playing such as “All I want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. The overall aesthetic of the shop is similar to Oberweis except without the famous cow statue displayed in Oberweis shops. Both SerenDIPity and Oberweis both serve various flavors of ice cream and they offer games to play while you’re waiting or eating at your table. The one item that Serendipity has over Oberweis is their customizable donuts. 


If you decide to order the customizable donuts, you’re given a sheet to fill out that you select from a variety of options to put on your donut. The most popular combination to order is a vanilla based donut, with vanilla frosting and crushed up Oreos ($1.25 for 1 donut, includes choices of base, topping, and frosting). I tried the Fruity Pebbles donut, (a vanilla based donut with vanilla frosting and sprinkled Fruity Pebbles on top). Overall, the presentation of the donut was phenomenal but the taste wasn’t what I was expecting. It tasted more like a strawberry donut than a vanilla donut, but other than that, it was overall a tasty donut. Even though the donut was good, SerenDIPity is not the best cost efficient option if you’re trying to save your money. One donut could cost you up to $4.00 depending on the amount of toppings you add while Dunkin Donuts and Munster Donuts costs about 0.99 for one. 


The prices being high in comparison to other options in the area is a downside but the shop’s top tier customer service made up for it. All the staff members were super polite and helpful. They gave their honest opinions on certain items on the menu and gave us a rundown on all the ingredients in their products. Besides being helpful, the entire staff was super appreciative to have us in their shop. I felt very welcomed the entire time I was there. I definitely would recommend this shop to sweet lovers. You get the best of both worlds at SerenDIPity- amazing service and amazing sweet treats. 

SerenDIPity Ice Cream Parlor 

120 N Griffith Blvd, Griffith, IN 46319


Hours: Monday/Tuesday- 10:30am-5:00pm, Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday-10:30am-7:00pm, Sunday-12:00pm-5:00pm

Options: dine in, delivery, curbside 

Music: Seasonal music 

Prices: Vary from $1.25- $8.00, check menu on website for full prices

Parking: small and limited 

Must Haves: dole whip and blue panda ice cream 

Take A Pass: red velvet donut (very dry, doesn’t taste like red velvet) 

Meant For: ice cream and donut lovers