Game time decisions Crisler must decide about future in basketball, college baseball

Shawn Haugh, Staff Reporter

LeBron made his “decision” with ESPN. He did it in a gym with the whole world to see, with an hour program just to tell us where he would be playing during the winter. Senior Larry Crisler is going to have to make the same decision himself. The first decision on his list is if he is going to play basketball or not this year.

  “I am considering returning because we have an opportunity to make it to state. I do not have closure from losing my freshman year,” Crisler said.

  Crisler was a key role in Noll’s success. Crisler was the team’s leading scorer last year with 19.1 points per game; he also led the team in field goals made with 167. Crisler was third on the team in field goal percentage with 51%, behind Jaylen Hord (56%) and Marquis Tarver (58%).

  The second decision for Crisler will be which college he wishes to attend next year for baseball, and his future in baseball.

  “I am considering Indiana, Purdue, Wright State, or Cincinnati,” he said.

  The Indiana Hoosiers are coming off a great season going 49-16-0 during the regular season and made it to their first ever College World Series appearance. The Hoosiers are now ranked twelfth in the nation for baseball and are becoming a premier college for baseball.

  “I try not to think about it. I just want to go out and have fun while still in high school, but I would be lying if I said I never think about the opportunity that I have ahead of me,” he said said.

  Crisler has a bright future in baseball and will be a key returning player to the basketball team if he chooses to do so. He might not be LeBron and have ESPN televise his decisions, but Crisler’s decisions will definitely have a huge impact on his future.