Johnny Manziel

Benjamin Medina, Staff Reporter

The 2012 heisman winner has finally decided to enter the 2014 NFL draft, Johnny Manziel. Manziel was the first freshman to ever win the heisman trophy. Manziel had a terrific junior year having 4114 passing yards and 37 passing touchdowns. There’s a possibility that Manziel will go fourth in the NFL draft, and if he does he then would be a Cleveland Brown.

Manziel has proved to everyone even sport analysis that he belongs in the NFL with two great seasons in college football. Manziel has led Texas A&M to a 20-6 record and two bowl wins as the starting quarterback.

I believe that this is an amazing decision by Manziel because he was one of the best college quarterbacks and almost won the heisman trophy twice in a row. He deserves to be in the NFL because of his hard work and dedication. He will be the superstar of any team that he joins in the NFL. He has the skills and determination that will put him in front of the competition in the long run.

Sports analysts have said that he is too small for the NFL and that he is not accurate enough. They say that he is unreliable and he will not transition into the NFL well. Most quarterbacks in the NFL are around six feet and three inches and Manziel is only six feet. Manziel is smaller than the average NFL quarterback.

I believe that he will be a perfect fit in the NFL because of his speed and his awareness. Manziel had two great years in college. He will fit great with any team in the NFL because of his determination to win. In the 2014-2015 season Manziel will prove everyone wrong and show everyone who has doubted him why he belongs in the NFL.