Noll Boy’s Lose to The Ingots

Dylan Rhodes

The Bishop Noll boys basketball team suffered a loss to River Forest Jan. 16 at River Forest’s home basketball court due to the fact they outscored Bishop Noll with 55-51.

  The biggest issue was us not coming out ready to play, ” said Kodi Greenwell, junior guard.

  The team lacked success in the first three quarters but came back to rally up some points in the fourth. It would have been better if the whole team connected with the big men like Lee, and Diaz. The only problem was they only had Lee to use since Diaz was in foul trouble early in the game.The game could have turned out better if Roman Penn had started the game. He had not come into the game until the second half of the game due to an injury.

  “I could have helped the team, honestly. I played a awful the first three quarters and didn’t give the team anything,” Greenwell said.

  Eric Klocek, senior power forward also added “Kept shooting long shots way to much. Free throws and turnovers also played a key role in this game.”

  Greenwell is coming off this loss looking to end the season strong with his team.  “have confidence, be focused and ready to play, and forget about the last game,” Greenwell said.