CJ Cooper Leads The Freshmen Basketball Team

Dominic Companiott, Sports Editor

The freshman boys basketball team started out on a high point by winning their first two games. They beat Kouts by 15 the first game, and Cheffornio “CJ” Cooper, the starting forward, put up 10 of those points. Both teams were neck and neck the whole game up until the fourth quarter when Noll began pressing Kouts. Noll outscored Kouts in the second half, only allowing them to score two points. And when the Warriors beat Hammond High the second game, CJ Cooper led the team with 11 points. Cooper also led the team in points against Highland with 16 points.

  The starting forward is liking the freshman team’s direction this far.

  “I truly believe that we won’t lose a game. We really have team chemistry,” Cooper said.

  The 5’ 10’’ shooting guard has been playing since he was five. He played for the Stone Cold Hammond Hurricanes and Hessville Hoops. Now that he is in high school, he has a new goal and that’s to make a bigger impact on his team’s season.

  “I want to put my city on my back I want little kids to look up to me I want to be a hero in northwest Indiana so that what inspires me everyday,” he said. “My Dad always inspired me to play, he was good and love the game and I love the game too.”

  Cooper has been pulled up and is starting to put in minutes on the clock during the JV games.

   Cooper also played football this season and ended up starting three games into the season. However, an ankle injury ended his playing time early and he sat for Bishop Noll’s last two games and post season. After the injury, he began to think about what was going to happen with basketball season. He hoped and prayed for good results and he got them.

  “I knew as long as I did my part that God will do the rest,” he said. “I believe that every step is ordered in the steps of the lord to make me a better person so I really didn’t have any worries.”