Boys volleyball team to enter IBVCA tournament this season

Alexander Romo, Staff Reporter

The Bishop Noll  boys volleyball team is gearing up for its third consecutive season and will enter the Indiana Boys Volleyball Coaches Association state tournament for the first time

With the season coming in close, the Noll team is determined to win. Captain Brandon Fuentes, junior, leads the team hoping to help the Warriors succeed.

“I’m the captain of the team so I feel like it’s a responsibility I have to improve my teammates and help my coach because he can’t see everything all at once,” Fuentes said.

The boys volleyball season will start at the end of February with tryouts and practices.

The team won’t start begin their games until March and will end the regular season around May..

This season is going to be different from last season because we had some outside students who do not go to Bishop Noll play with us. This year, however, our team is going to be all Bishop Noll. This will allow us to play in the State tournament which is exciting,” Fuentes said.

With this year being the first year Noll has a boys volleyball team in the state tournament, the team will have a lot of inexperienced players.

“Our team definitely needs to work on more basic skills but every team has go through some basics,” Fuentes said.These players a new and have never really played volleyball before, so basics are key.”

The team has a strength that can help them out this season. Their bond with each other will be one of their biggest strengths this year.

  “The coach is doing his absolute best helping improve the players. It’s been a challenge, though, because some of the players never played before and I definitely see improvement in those players based on conditionings and open gym,” Fuentes said.

Throughout the region, there seems to be not a lot of schools with teams. Fuentes sees Noll’s biggest rival as Chesterton. A rival of Bishop Noll could be Chesterton High School as stated by Fuentes. He said that they are one of the closest school with a team.

With this being the first year in the state tournament, Noll hopes to go far into the tournament.