Girls softball: Mullaney steps up to head coach position

CARLY SANCHEZ, Staff reporter

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Bishop Noll girls softball is welcoming a new head coach for the 2018 season.  After four years, coach Rich Sobilo will hand over head coach position to coach Rose Mullaney, who had been Sobilo’s assistant coach for the past three years.

  Mullaney, BNI alumni class of 2011, played varsity softball all four years at Noll.     Mullaney has some new and exciting ideas to improve to the team this year.

  “Noll’s softball program has a storied tradition of hard work and success. While our approach won’t change drastically, each year is different and warrants a different focus,” Mullaney said. “We have quite a few positions up for grabs since we graduated five starters last year. So we will work tirelessly to develop our skills and strengthen our mentality through hard work.”

  Although the team is sad to see Sobilo step down, they have high hopes for Mullaney’s new reign.

  “I think her becoming the head coach is a great choice for the program. She has a lot of passion and knowledge about the sport and I believe she can really take the team far with her positive energy,” said junior Elysa Roldan.

  Returning varsity players are already used to Mullaney’s strict work ethic and know that she’ll expect a lot from the team.

  “I think Coach Rose will make us condition a lot more. I feel like she’ll make us run a lot. She is very competitive, and I know she will push us to be the best we can be,” said senior Marsela Mendoza.

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