Track team dominates indoor season, looks forward to outdoor

Kristian Steele , Staff Reporter

Bishop Noll boys and girls track team have started the season on fire. Both sides have dominated the indoor season in several events, with senior Chyna Davis out running her GSSC competitors in girls hurdles and senior Eris Harris out jumping them in the high jump With a strong senior class returning this season, they plan to con- tinue their domination during the out- door season.
Senior Eris Harris, high jumper, and Joel Montenegro, sprinter, have both made it past sectionals two years straight and plan on making another regional run this season. “I think the success we have had during indoor is going to give us a lot of momentum go- ing into outdoor season,” says Joel. “I personally take indoor season as prac- tice because I feel like the real com- petition comes when outdoor season begins.”
Joel says he wants to work on his speed and form going over hurdles. His inten- tions are qualifying for regionals again and making it past to go to semi-state.
During the tri-city meet on March 13, the boys track and field team dominat- ed all evening. Senior Josh Smith went home with the MVP award of field activities. Smith jumped 20 feet and 4 inches in the long jump.
Both boys and girls teams went on to be 5-0 during the indoor season, and when the Hoosier State Relays came around, senior Chyna Davis came in 4th place for girls girls 60 Meter Hur- dles at 9.47 seconds, while senior Eris Harris came in 2nd place in girls high jump at 5 feet and 4 inches.
Both boys and girls teams plan to keep this same energy going into the outdoor season. Catch them in action on Friday, April 26 at Munster High School at 5:00.