Wrestling team enters rebuilding year

Ceasar Perez, Staff Reporter

 Two years ago the Bishop Noll wrestling team was nearly extinct. As they began their rebuilding year last season, they struggled with numbers but held onto a group–two girls and a transfer student–devoted to bringing the team back to its glory. Two of them–junior Natalie Ramirez and sophomore Tsi-tsi-ki Rangel qualified for the State championship, and now that the wrestling season is back in action, this same group of leaders is trying to make the team a household name in Bishop Noll athletics once again. 

     “Now that the team is growing, we’re hoping to use that momentum to get more people interested in wrestling, therefore boosting participation,” said junior Amaurii Fallen. 

Fallen is in the 138 weight class for wrestling. 

Junior Natalie Ramirez explained that making everyone aware of the wrestling team is a good way of representing Bishop Noll. Ramirez is in the 138 weight class for wrestling.

     “Our goals are to gain experience and motivate others so that we can grow the team,” said Ramirez. 

   As Bishop Noll’s first female State qualifier, she is not uncomfortable to wrestle boys and even takes advantage of it in order to challenge herself. Even after a long break of wrestling after dislocating her elbow, she is rebuilding her stamina and going back to her weight of 138.

     Fallen pointed out that conditioning and live wrestling are likely the most important part of preparation to get a feel of an actual match. 

   “I expect all of us to do our best and display on the mat the work we put in practice,” he said. 

     Ramirez also mentioned that this year she has been working hard on her speed, stamina, and being more aggressive during matches. “I expect to put all that I’ve learned into my performance on the mat.”

     The next wrestling meet will be against Wheeler and Hanover highschool on December 4th.