Freshmen Robert Gula and Jacob Cardenas advance to wrestling regionals

Nataly Salas, Staff Reporter

Freshmen wrestlers Jacob Cardenas and Robert Gula are advancing to the wrestling regionals on Saturday, Feb. 8 at Hobart High School. Cardenas, who placed 3rd in the 106-lb weight class in sectionals, will be facing a Hobart opponent at regionals, while Gula, who placed 2nd at the 103-lb weight class, will be facing River Forest.

Both Cardenas and Gula are new to wrestling this year. While the both of them dealt with a learning curve this season, Gula said his hardest movement had to be the strength it took to become a high school wrestler. it

“The hardest thing about wrestling for me was getting stronger and more confident in my wrestling style,”he said.

And even though he had a successful season, Cardenas thought the biggest challenge he had to overcome was being new to the sport.

“The hardest thing about wrestling for me was other people having more experience. This being my first year, it’s difficult to catch up to everyone as far as technique,” he said.

Although Cardenas knows he’s new and the competition is rough, he plans on showing them all that he’s got.

“I know I’m going in as the underdog, and I plan on making a statement of what I can do,” he said.