Track team works on next season virtually

Ceasar Perez, Staff Reporter

Many athletes’ and coaches are heartbroken that their season has been cancelled due to the
Coronavirus Pandemic. Just like that, with a phone call, text, or a few words from their school,
coaches, and news sources they learned that their seasons had abruptly come to an end.

Head Track Coach, Mr. Klocek explained that he and all coaches were heartbroken because
of all the hard work that was put in conditioning and practice that led up to their seasons.

“The worst feeling was that kids believed in these goals and worked so hard to try and achieve them
but, unfortunately, would never receive a chance,” he said. Klocek has been keeping up with the
students through zoom meetings and online reaction videos. During this time he has offered
support to all of his athletes and shown them that even though we’re not physically together,
they can reach out to one another.

Unfortunately for the seniors, they won’t receive the opportunity again to be honored for all
the hard work and dedication you put into the program. Mr. Klocek explained that on the last day
of the practice there was a photo shoot for senior banners and posters for Senior night and
piercing everything together to honor the seniors and send them off and on a high note. “The
worst feeling for us coaches there is nothing we could do to go back and give them this feeling
again,” he said.

Klocek expressed that the 2021 Track and Field season will be dedicated to the senior class
of 2020. “ We will strive to accomplish the goals that were set from last season and go above
and beyond the standard,” he said.