Football team loses 2nd straight game to Boone Grove

James Beasley, Staff Reporter

The Bishop Noll boys varsity football team took on Boone Grove as their first game away at
Valparaiso this past Friday. Although both teams had yet to win a game, Boone Grove came out
on top with a score of 51 to 20.

“It felt good to get back on the road but I still miss the crowd back home,” said junior wideout
Marrel Tyler. “We didn’t give up and we kept pushing no matter what the score was.”

Starting quarterback junior Willie Feagin, junior, was injured in the last minute of the fourth
quarter against the Wolves. Sophomore second string quarterback Noah Lewis stepped up for
the Warriors late in the game. “Getting in the game last week for the first time at quarterback
was crazy,” Lewis said. “It was like the whole game slowed down.”

The Wolves had an array of 4th down conversions and defensive stops that allowed them to
stay on the offensive against the Warriors.

“I was expecting all eyes to be on me and to feel a lot of pressure from the defense but the
offensive line did a great job giving me time to get the pass off,” Lewis said.

Lewis is grateful for the time he and Willie Feagin take out of practice to work on his
fundamentals at the position. Lewis stays focused throughout the week so that come game time
he is naturally ready to perform.

The Warriors take on the Lake Station Eagles at Lake Station tonight at 7. “I’m ready for
anything and everything this week against Lake Station,” Lewis said.”Whenever my name is
called, I will be ready.”