Bishop Noll football team loses to Whiting 35-7

Beethoven Chavez, Staff Reporter

Bishop Noll warrior football team loses their game against the Whiting Oilers 35-7.


The warriors were not doing their best during the game. Our defense was not tackling, not wrapping up, and not reading the offense. Our offense could not make the passes necessary to win the game. 


    Before the game,Junior, Matt Bonaduer said I’m not worried about anything to the game, if we stick to the game plan we’ll win. After the game we were all upset. We weren’t angry at the scoreboard, we were angry at ourselves for not pushing harder and not focusing on the game. “We let ourselves down and we need to rise up and get better, no more messing around, it’s time to focus”, said Sophomore Caleb Lacefield after the game.

   The team was upset but now after this two week quarantine that half the players are in. The BNI football team will be back this Friday and now use their time and effort to put the work in and make up for lost time.

Junior, Carlos Alvarez said, “We have chemistry, a brotherhood, we all know each other and now we got to focus and take back what is ours”.