Bishop Noll Warriors win against East Chicago Central

Cristian Medina, Staff Reporter

    The Bishop Noll Warriors defeated East Chicago Central Tuesday August 24. This 4-0 win made The Warriors record 4-1. 


    “Our first 20 minutes in the game was a little slow but we gradually gained control as the game went on,” senior Antoine Lewis said. “It was a very physical and aggressive game against a decent opponent. They definitely worked hard against us but we wouldn’t let up on anything for them.”


    “Watching my brother Kayode score his header and having the whole team go celebrate with him [was the best moment of the game],” Lewis said. “That moment really shows how much we’ve grown as a team and how we are no longer teammates. We are a family now!”


    Then I asked Adrian Hernandez, senior, about the game, and here is what he had to say. 


    “For me I was a bit rusty in the first half against EC. But in the second half our defense was on point the whole game. As a defender at the end of the game we didn’t let them score which made me happy.” Hernandez said. 


    “My favorite thing about the game was that my best friend Kayode scored an amazing header on the second goal that gave us a boost of confidence to control the whole game.” Hernandez said. 


    “The atmosphere was good because we had the girls soccer team and the fans gave us energy to cheer on us the whole game.” Hernandez said.