Bishop Noll bowling grows in popularity

Increase in number of hobby sports due to lack of socialization during COVID.

Victoria Piskol, Staff Reporter

Bishop Noll’s girls and boys bowling teams are seeing their largest numbers in years with 25 bowlers coming out this season. 

Although there is no known reason for the jump in numbers, coaches and bowlers believe the increase may have something to do with the craving of social interaction that was missing the prior year due to COVID. 

Since COVID began, social interactions for students have been very limited. Many weren’t able to see their friends in social situations outside of school. Bowling is one of the activities that Noll students are using to get reacclimated in the social environment. 

Junior bowler Adriana Torres-Cruz was a crucial piece in getting more bowlers to join this season. 

“I feel like I was the one telling everyone I know about bowling, which got a lot of freshmen interested,” Torres-Cruz said. “I also feel like with more new bowlers, I can try to tell them what I know to help them bowl better.” 

Junior boy’s team captain Jackson Montgomery is very excited about the high number of bowlers who joined this season. 

“I’m very excited and happy because now I know when I leave, [Noll] will still have strong numbers other than the past years I’ve been bowling,” Montgomery said. “I can help the team to grow this season by helping them from a younger aspect and giving them my advice if they need any.” 

Although there is an influx of new bowlers, veteran bowlers are still honing their skills and setting goals. Senior bowler Bianca Perez is dedicated to growing both herself and her teammates this bowling season. 

“My main goal this season is to improve my average score all around and just have fun.” Perez continued, “I think I can help the team grow by being their supporter. It can get frustrating when you can’t get a good roll on a ball so telling them it’s okay and to keep trying is how I think I can help.” 

Head coach Sam Krucek has had the same main goal every season. That goal is “Enjoy the learning process in a competitive team environment so that continued improvement is certain.” 

“I am most excited about the number of young students/athletes, with little or no experience, wanting to participate in varsity high school bowling…which is very competitive,” he said. 

With so many new bowlers, the atmosphere at Bishop Noll bowling practices is brimming with banter and excitement. The team practices every Monday and Thursday at Olympia Lanes from 3:30-5:30. Many bowlers are very excited about the fun environment and enjoy coming to practices. 

The first match for Bishop Noll’s girls and boys varsity bowling teams will be on October 12th, 2021 at Olympia Lanes.