Bishop Noll tennis team welcomes Coach Baez and Coach Gomez


Laura Bautista seen playing tennis for Bishop Noll’s tennis team, her freshman year. The tennis season will start in March.

Jasmin Williams, Staff Reporter

This year’s girls tennis team welcomes a new duo of coaches this season: Mr. Baez and Ms. Zarahi Gomez, Spanish teacher. Gomez has played tennis at Whiting High School and went to a tennis camp every summer since 5th grade with her former coach at Whiting. This is Gomez’ first year coaching tennis, and she will be assisting Bishop Noll alumni Coach Baez, who has been coaching for many years at Whiting. 

“I am excited to be able to learn from him this year,” says Gomez. 

Coach Baez has been coaching tennis for 21 years. He started playing tennis when he was 10 years old. He even played at Bishop Noll from 1981-1983. He is excited for this season. He wants players to improve, win and have fun while playing the game. He wants to get a team that competes, is in the moment and tries to do as well as they can.

“If you hit a shot and it was good, remember that one. When you make a mistake, take a moment to think about it and move on,” says Baez. 

Ms. Gomez’s expectations for this season is to be able to get a group of girls that really learns to love the sport and want to better themselves at it. She hopes to be able to support returning players and teach them new strategies. Since this is Gomez’s first year coaching, she plans on being patient and understanding with herself and the team. 

“Another thing we are really big on is tennis etiquette and making sure our girls understand tennis etiquette and practice it on and off the court,” Gomez says. 

Senior Addison Cipowski has been on Bishop Noll’s tennis team since freshman year. Her favorite part of playing tennis is playing with her friends and enjoying the spring weather. She is working on her serves and being consistent. Her favorite memory of playing tennis is going to far away schools on the bus and going out to eat afterwards. 

“I’m excited for my senior season, even though it’s my last I feel like it’ll be the most fun,” says Addison. 

Tennis tryouts will be held in March. Practices will be held at Grove Park in Munster. 

“We are looking to get a good group of girls that are interested in playing, learning and being an important asset to our team. Coach Baez and I are really focused on making sure everyone understands that although you may play, win, lose and advance on your own, we are a team and we represent Bishop Noll Athletics,” Gomez says.