Bishop Noll boys basketball team lose Regionals to Central Noble 80-61

Beethoven Chavez, Staff Reporter

After defeating the Lake Station Eagles in the sectional championship on Saturday, March 5th, 66-63. The boys basketball team fell to Central Noble in the first round of regionals on Saturday, March 12, 80-61.week before the Central Noble game.

They won 66-63 against the Lake Station Eagles.
Going into the game, the team was unsure of the type of play Central Noble was going to use on the Warriors.

Junior, Cesar Andrade, Varsity player, said,”The team started off bad, and that led to bad energy, and Central Noble ate off that”.

Andrade said that at the state tournament level, his personal challenge is dealing with the speed and intensity of the game.

“The challenges I face during a game is fast paced basketball. There’s a lot of running, and running out of breath,” he said”.

Both Cesar and sophomore, Carlos Alvarez, said,”That we need to stay healthy and eat healthy, plus have a winning mindset”.

Cesar said,”What motivates me to try harder and play my best is to make Bishop Noll look good, and win a regional championship for the school”.
After the game, Carlos responded in order to get better and come on top next year is to just put in the work, and play it like it’s our last.

“Each one of us can individually put the work in skill and physical wise to be even stronger”. “The reason we lost was our attitude and we weren’t able to rebound and limit their players from open threes”, said Carlos Alvarez.