Seniors athletes prepare to take their game to the next level

Kevin Guerrero

Senior athletes at Bishop Noll are preparing to take their athletic talents to the college level.

According to Cynthia Wilson, athletic director, six seniors have signed up for or will be signing up for this opportunity. The seniors include Xavier Zuckley, Hannah Evenson, Mariah Robinson, Jackson Montgomery, Matt Bonadurer, and Melina Hanes.

Xavier Zuckley and Hannah Evenson are both talented Volleyball players who will be playing at Aurora University. Zuckley will be playing as an outside hitter for the men’s volleyball team, while Evenson will be playing for the women’s volleyball team.

“Right now I’m not too nervous about playing, but that feeling might change,” Zuckley says. “So for now I’m going to keep practicing and by the time I’m in the open gyms, I’ll be able to compete.”

Melina Hanes is another talented Volleyball player. She will play at Siena Heights University as a Libero and Defensive Specialist.

“I’m mostly nervous about messing up the first week of training,” Hanes says. “I’m scared the team will think I am not good enough. I don’t exactly have a plan. I will just come in there with a positive attitude and just play the game I know.”

Mariah Robinson is a talented basketball player who will be joining the girls basketball team at Triton College. She has stated that she plans to stay at Triton for two years before transferring to a university.

Jackson Montgomery will be going to Coppin State University to play baseball. He will be playing as a pitcher and begin training in the fall.

“I’ve always wanted to play college ball at the next level since I was young since my dad didn’t get the opportunity to,” Montgomery says.

Finally, the last senior who has signed up is Matt Bonadurer. He will be going to St. Norbert College to play football.

All the previously mentioned seniors have worked hard throughout high school to get where they are today. Their commitment to their respective sports has been inspiring to fellow students. Hopefully, they go on to continue their passion for athletics and achieve even greater success in college.