A-Wing demolition rescheduled

Caitlyn Grcich, Staff Reporter

The A-Wing of Bishop Noll, which was expected to be torn down over the course of this summer, will in fact still be torn down; it has just taken longer than expected, according to Bishop Noll President, Mr. Paul Mullaney.

  “There’s a chance demolition could begin in October,” Mullaney said of the vacant classroom building. “We didn’t want to disrupt the start of the school year, so we put it temporarily on hold.”

  According to Mullaney, there have been no second thoughts, nor are there any health risks with the demolition of the nearly century old building.

  “We’ve been in contact with officials from the City of Hammond and from the state to make sure we remain in compliance,” Mullaney said.

  While the A-Wing is an old remnant of Noll, there are still many old materials in it. According to Mullaney, Noll had salvage companies in to look at purchasing some of the materials, as well as scrapping a good deal of metal that was there. While some desks were saved, others were donated to diocesan elementary schools.

 Students and alums are anxious to see what will become of the space once is has been cleared.

  “We are committed to leaving a portion of the space for possible educational wing construction, while the remaining space will be used for outdoor activites, primarily athletics,” Mullaney said. “Facilities outdoors haven’t been upgraded in many years. I think many of the bleacher planks at our football field are the same ones I sat on as a student 40 years ago”.

  “One we set a firm date to begin the project, we will communicate that to everyone. It’s imperative that we place the safety of our students, faculty and staff first, as well as the safety of those with whom we share our campus space.”

  The A-Wing building has not been used for classrooms in over a decade and was only recently used for storage and religious education classes in the community.