Hockey returns after first season since hiatus with low numbers but keen interest

Caitlyn Grcich, Copy Editor

The Bishop Noll Hockey team is back for its second straight year after a 20-year hiatus. According to Sophomore Right Wing Brendan Zavesky, the skating Warriors are ready to make yet another statement this year.

  “One of our strengths is that we are a team that just wants to have fun,” Zavesky said. “We are not really worried about our record, but instead are just looking to have fun. One of our weaknesses is we have players that have very diverse skill sets, some kids are very good and others still are learning and growing”.

  Skating and puck handling have greatly improved this year, according to Zavesky. While the team lost four very diverse seniors, they are making up for it by sharpening the skills of the current players and honing in on their strengths both separately and as a whole.

   “I believe so because we have a lot of young talent on our team. Plus, with us taking in other kids from other schools it helps us become stronger in what we do,”  Zavesky said when the notion of this team improving and making up for the four seniors they lost last year came up.

  While the season has begun already, Zavesky has not been able to attend due to conflicts with his schedule. Zavesky has high hopes for himself, Noll juniors Raleigh Vis and Alex Sobilo, as well as the rest of them team. The team includes players from Andrean, Lake Central, and Washington Township Middle/High School.  

  “I just hope to have a fun season and to grow as a hockey player. I want to make this season as great as last year, if not better,” he said.