Humble Beginnings

Despite holding starting spot on two varsity teams, freshman shortstop Jake Fuehrmeyer never lets talent go to head

Caitlyn Grcich, Social Media Editor

Freshman Jake Fuehrmeyer has been told he has it all: grades, athletic skills, and according to some teachers, the ideal student persona. Even though he has been told all of this, and from a very young age, Fuehrmeyer doesn’t let it go to his head.
Fuehrmeyer, who made varsity as a shortstop his first year on the BNI baseball team, has continually been humble about all he does, never trying to boast too much about his skill set.
“I truly did not expect to start varsity but I did think that I would make the sectional roster, Fuehrmeyer said, though many have praised him for such a feat, especially when he made varsity soccer in the fall.
Fuehrmeyer, while not the only freshman who maintains a continuous spot on varsity, has transitioned smoothly into a predominantly upperclassmen team.
“It wasn’t very hard being with the upperclassman because they all treated me as their own from the beginning. It was easy to get to know them, and it has been a fun season with them.”
Fuehrmeyer has stated that he has played baseball from a very young age, about four years old, and has played on different travel teams throughout his career. Through all of this, he has maintained a humble demeanor.
“I have always played baseball, and loved it ever since I was introduced to it when I was little, and though I take it a little too seriously at times, has been incredibly fun and I have learned a lot,” he said.
When asked about his well-known humble attitude, Fuehrmeyer just shrugged it off.
“I don’t really know if I’m a very modest person, but if I am, I just sometimes am very hard on myself and make things seem less important or not as good. My parents have always taught me to never boast about anything I do because the biggest challenge after success is shutting up about it”.
Fuehrmeyer, who juggles honors classes and numerous sports always tries to maintain a positive outlook, and views the two as one in the same.
“As a student, I strive to do the best I can. I may at times get lazy but I complete the things I need to get done when they are due. I think of it as having my student life crossing into my athletic life because school always comes first however.”
Fuehrmeyer has stated that while it is early in his high school sports career, he would like to continue his sports career into college. He has said that even though he expects it to be hard, he would like to focus first on his academics.