Valedictorian Victoria Johnson

Caitlyn Grcich, Social Media Editor

Senior Victoria Johnson never envisioned herself being even in the top ten distinguished graduates, and to her immense surprise, Johnson was awarded the highest honor of Valedictorian. Johnson has stated that this honor of being Valedictorian is expected to help aid her in becoming a doctor. Johnson, while unsure what type of doctor she would like to be, believes that she will have a chance to mould her career into whatever she would like.
Johnson has been shown to be an opportunist, always ready to jump in and seize the right opportunity. Johnson has stated that even when things got stressful, she never took her eye off the prize, and that made all the difference for her. Johnson also explained that she has a few “fallback” plans, just to be prepared for whatever life throws her way.
“At this moment I’m uncertain of what kind of doctor I would like to be. I am interested in many fields ranging from pediatrics, trauma, orthopedics, or general practitioner. My preference is changing all the time. I will have a better idea of what I want to be when I begin taking classes and experiencing the variety of options available.”
“It was never a goal of mine to become Valedictorian. I was mainly focused on getting good grades and doing my personal best. I wasn’t particularly aiming or trying to become Valedictorian. It was more of a happy outcome,” Johnson said, adding that support from family and friends helped make it possible. “Everyone was very supportive when they found out I was capable of becoming valedictorian. I think some of my classmates were more excited to find out than I was. I’m so thankful for all the people that support me.”
Johnson participated in many after school activities and various other extracurriculars which made it very difficult to maintain her goal of Valedictorian. Johnson participated in activities outside of class such as involvement in the dance team, tennis team, studio dance, campus ministry, speech and debate team, the drama club, and many other clubs. Besides all those extracurricular activities, she likes to read, craft, spend time with friends, and learn new things. Johnson also took many DC and AP and honors classes, which made it difficult at times to maintain the grades to become Valedictorian of her graduating class.
“It was often very difficult for me to see past that stress. I just fought through it. I would just keep doing my best until eventually it passed,” while adding, “Maintaining good grades and extracurricular activities is very difficult and trying. I would often find myself going from school and the many subsequent practices I had to attend. Unlike many other students, I would often find myself having two or three practices a day and would go straight there with very little down time. It was often very difficult trying to balance my busy schedule. I like to think I am a naturally positive person but I would often find myself overtired and stressed. I pulled through however. I would try to wake up each day with a fresh positive attitude.”
Johnson has decided to pursue her love of the sciences and carry it into college as she continues her educational career at Ball State University in Muncie to achieve her medical degree and become a doctor.
“Indiana, the state which I reside in, offers many great universities each with their own benefits. I have chosen to attend Ball State University for many reasons. Indiana University accepts more undergraduates from other Indiana schools than their own. I believe it is more beneficial to my long term goal for a medical degree to attend Ball State.”
If medical school doesn’t work out, Victoria’s fallback plan is to become a nurse.
“If I’m meant to become a nurse, I believe I will be better prepared at Ball State University. I am also far more interested in the classes and opportunities offered at Ball State than any other school. They have offered me a larger scholarship and more opportunities. They have more innovative resources as well. After much thought I know I have made the best decision for myself and am excited to start the next chapter in my life.”