Looking forward with hope

As the Trump presidential inauguration looms, students look forward with hope and a sense of unity

Caitlyn Grcich, Managing Editor

In less than a week, on Friday, January 20th, America will inaugurate its 45th president, and by far one of the most controversial, Donald Trump. Despite the controversy of Trump, from his campaign to his White House staffing and cabinet choices, Americans have decided to try to look forward to the future in the hopes of something good.

Trump, who faced backlash and scrutiny from celebrities, foreign government leaders, and American citizens faces a tough four years in office, as well as a tough first one-hundred days as citizens look fervently towards his administration.

Despite people regarding Trump’s administration as “nail-biting” and “nerve-wracking”, some Bishop Noll students offered their take on President Trump, offering up their fears as a way for hope to follow.

Senior Taje Wilson was quoted as saying, “None of it seems real yet so I’m pretty excited to see it take place and to see the varying reactions throughout the U.S.,” while adding, “I don’t know how to feel towards all of this. It seems like a lot of people my age have an extreme hate for Trump but I’d like to hope that he’ll change or become a better person once in office.”

Fellow senior Mary Lowry also built on Wilson’s idea but with hesitancy, saying, “I can hope that things will change positively; I can hope that those in charge see the light of day and turn around, but in reality, I don’t think that things will turn out positively.”

This fervent hope for improvement and betterment on Trump’s party echoes even from underclassmen, including Sophomore Rebecca Vasquez.

“…it depends on what Trump starts doing as a president. Trump himself has such a big platform, especially now that he is president. Anyone with such a big following and with so much media coverage could do many great things for our country, and the world, maybe,” while fellow Sophomore Jalynn Edwards added, “I feel a little nervous, but hopeful. Trump has ideas, and some of them may not be the best, but I’m sure he’ll do some good in four years. Some things will be positive and others will be negative. Overall, though, I have a positive outlook on the next four years.”

Despite the fact that there is division among the nation for the looming Trump presidency, there is a sense of some unity despite disagreement.

Edwards, who feels this sense of unity adds, “I think it will be a very difficult adjustment, but we are one nation, and we can get through anything together as one nation.”