Sweets & Suds offers excellent fast food and laundry service

Katlynn Alanza , Staff Reporter

  Out of all of the laundromats in Northwest Indiana, this one is the best.

  I went to Sweets & Suds on S. Broad Street in Griffith to wash some blankets that I couldn’t wash at home. As soon as I walked in, I got a warm welcome from the owner. This isn’t any ordinary laundromat, though. Attached to it is a full-service fast food restaurant with a walk-up counter. While my sister and I were sitting there waiting for our blankets to dry, we decided to

order some food. Sweets & Suds specializes in ice cream, but they also have a wide variety of hot sandwiches, wraps, soups, and salads. And the food is hands-down amazing.

  While the inside is small, they make up for it with the hospitality, amazing food, and affordable prices. Whether you’re looking to grab a bite to eat, wash some clothes, or both, I highly recommend Sweets and Suds. Visit them at 235 S. Broad Street in Griffith or find them online at http://sweetsandsudsin.com.