Eris Harris

Humans of Bishop Noll

Nicole Garcia, Staff reporter

Bishop Noll’s Eris Harris is not only a state qualifying track high jumper but is also a star basketball player.

Eris is a junior and has been making a name for herself since freshman year. She made varsity for basketball her freshman year and made it to regionals for track also during her freshman year. Her sophomore year she averaged a double-double during basketball season. As a high jumper, she qualified for state and placed 17th out of 35, with a jump of 5 feet 4 in

  Although she takes her training seriously, Eris doesn’t devote all of her free time to training. In fact, she doesn’t spend most of her offseason in the gym.

   “Of course, I try to stay in shape doing minor workouts here and there, but nothing major. I feel like my skills just come naturally, but I do work really hard during the season,” Eris said.

As an honors student,  Eris also maintains a 3.5 GPA. Her dream is to attend college in London and to make a name for herself as a doctor.