Humans of Bishop Noll- Josh Valdivia

Dominic Companiott, Sports Editor

Junior Josh Valdivia became a huge superhero fan when he first discovered Spider-man at  about age 3. Since then, his interest has grown into a full-fledged hobby. Josh attends comic conventions and collects toys. Today, his favorite superheroes  are Spider-man and Batman.

  “I grew up watching Spider-man and had all the Spider-man toys,” Josh said.

   He also said that he loves both Marvel and DC for the characters; but for the movies, he prefers  Marvel because “they are more organized with their characters and cinematic universe.”

   Although many people credit the recent trend of movies for their interest in superheroes, Josh said that he just always thought superheros were awesome.

 “Now we are in the golden age for comic book movies. You have 5 or 6 superhero movies dropping a year, which is a lot compared the the one superhero movie per 5 years in the 70s-90s,” he said.

  If Josh could have one superpower he said it would be the healing factor.