Noll adopts ‘Lead Me, Lord’ theme

Dominic Companiott, Sports Editor

Mrs. Lorenza Jara-Pastrick leads the school in a rendition of “Lead Me, Lord” at the first school Mass in August.

The theme for this school year is “Lead Me, Lord”, and Bishop Noll principal Mrs. Lorenza-Jara Pastrick is very excited to start the year off with this new theme as it ties into all of the innovative changes the school is making.

“I was driving in my minivan in silence. I had just left the Diocesan Office and I thought of that song, specifically the refrain,” said Pastrick. “I realized how powerful the refrain was especially for our youth.  BNI Students deal with a lot. You guys have a lot of stress, and I think sometimes students don’t realize they have a responsibility to give it all to God, the good the bad and the ugly!”

Pastrick wants the students to constantly think of Christ when faced with a challenge at school and, in turn, think about modeling His ways.

“In return God asks us to serve him, and to serve others. All we have to do is look around– opportunities to consoul, feed, shelter are all around us.  I think sometimes we are so self-involved, we forget we are here for others in in serving others we are serving Christ,” she said.

The message of the song is about being a servant to God, but part of the theme is to encourage the students to take on leadership roles in the school in preparation for being positive leaders of the world.

“I was part of the Diocesan Synod Commission and young adults not being active in the church was a constant concern,” Pastrick said. “I feel that we have failed our youth in engaging them in building a strong relationship with Jesus.”

This year, there will be monthly seminars to educate students on certain teen topics in order to help them find the “narrow way”. Pastrick also said that this theme will be carried into classrooms as well.

“Before class, each class will pray.  I guess I want the students to just digest the concept of serving Christ and our daily actions and decisions are serving Him.  I want the entire school every student and staff member to know they are loved by Christ and that they are called to serve Him.  I hope this will ultimately lead to all of us in the BNI Family building a closer relationship to our Lord. Too often, we harp on the negative and this is my chance to bring positive love and service to the BNI environment”.