Different lifestyle for Duran

Alexander Romo, Staff Reporter

Senior Sophia Duran decided to try something new and that has changed her life. Now she is living a new lifestyle. Sophia Duran is a Senior at Bishop Noll Institute. Active in many clubs and academics, Sophia participates in  Multicultural club, National Honor Society  and is the manager of the boys tennis team. She also plays tennis during the spring season.


In every aspect, she lives and breathes the quintessential example of a successful high school teenager. However, she’s made one life decision that puts her in a different category than most of her peers.


Duran decided be a vegetarian.


“My best friend was vegetarian and in a sense ‘converted’ me after telling me about the abuse that goes on in the meat industry,” said Duran, who first became a vegetarian in 7th grade.


Duran continued her research about it and eventually decided to go vegan.


“So during the spring of my sophomore year I decided to become vegan. In the beginning it was difficult, because that meant I could no longer eat some of my favorite junk food, but in the end it was worth it,” she said.


Going out to eat can be hard for her. Many places do not have vegan menus and she must know what she is eating.


Duran said, “Ironically, the best vegan place I’ve been to was ‘True BBQ’ in Munster. Although, I wasn’t looking forward to eating there for my brother’s birthday, to my surprise they had and entire vegan menu!  On top of that, the food was great, so True BBQ is the best vegan place.”


Duran has encouraged a few people to try being vegetarian. Duran’s mother started to adopt her lifestyle. Her cousin also became interested and now she is vegetarian.  


“A lot of people think it’s hard to be vegan, but really I eat the same thing everyone eats, I just find substitutes for the things I can’t,” she said.