Injury after Injury, but she keeps on going

Alexander Romo, Staff Reporter

Injuries always happens to player. Megan Sullivan has the worst luck and has been injured too many times. But how does she keep a positive mind with all these obstacles?


Megan Sullivan is a senior at Bishop Noll Institute. She is a star athlete and is on the path to becoming this year’s valedictorian. She has devoted much of her time to playing many sports,  including soccer, cross country, basketball, and track. This year, she is also planning on participating in swimming.


Sullivan has spent a lot of time training for each sport she is in. But injuries are starting to set her back. She has had her fair share of pulled muscles and shin splints. Her sophomore year she broke her wrist and her Junior year she broke her collarbone, both injuries coming from playing soccer. Throughout her high school career she has had about five or six concussions.


“When I get injured it is very crushing.  Everything is taken away that I have spent time working hard for and that is a defeating feeling,” said Sullivan.


Throughout her time playing sports at Bishop Noll, Sullivan has encountered many setbacks due to many injuries.


Sullivan said, “As an athlete at Bishop Noll I have had my fair share of pulled muscles and shin splints plus some.  Sophomore year I broke my wrist playing soccer, and junior year I broke my collarbone playing soccer.  Throughout my high school career I have also had five or six concussions.  I am very used to getting injured, I have broken six bones in total”


Sullivan has thought of quitting at times due to all her setbacks.


“Last year when I broke my collarbone I was very tempted to quit soccer.  I shifted my focus to running at that point, but I decided that I needed to go out and try again senior year,” she said “I did not want to leave with any regrets.”


Sullivan has been working hard this season. She has managed to keep a positive mind, even through all her obstacles.  


Aside from all the sports, she is also in many school clubs and activities. She is a student ambassador, spellbowl captain, NHS President, in the RICHER Program, Speech and Debate National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, and a retreat leader.


“It is super challenging to manage all my activities, as well as school.  I really utilize my extra time in school to get my work done, and if I have to I wake up early in the morning to finish up homework,” said Sullivan.


This year, Sullivan is taking a theology class at Calumet College of St. Joseph. She takes this class every Wednesday from 7-9:30 and will receive college credit for it at the end of the semester.  


“The class at Cal. College is very challenging.  Each week we are required to complete a number of scholarly readings and write a 3-5 page paper, along with a poem analysis.  But I feel this is great preparation for college classes next year,” said Sullivan.


Sullivan is a hardworking student who loves a challenge. Her favorite subjects are Physics and calculus because she has to work hard to get the answer. “I love that I have to work harder because it is an accomplishing feeling to finally get the right answer to a hard problem,” She said.


She loves science and is especially interested in learning about the human body and its biological processes. Sullivan plans to major in health science, but she is not sure yet if she is going for a physician assistant or a Doctor of Medicine.  


Sullivan said, “Being rewarded keeps me motivated.  I know that working hard now will pay off when I apply to college, and all my hard work will not go unnoticed.”


Even Sullivan’s teachers see immense potential in her future. “Science is difficult, but Megan has the mental strength it takes to put the amount of time in necessary to be successful in college-level science classes, even while in high school,” said Ms. Becky Dostatni, DC Biology teacher.


“Megan’s mental strength, desire for excellence, and commitment to her endeavors are the qualities that set her apart as a student. She is positive, highly-motivated, and very intelligent,” said Ms. Dostatni.


Sullivan has encountered many injuries throughout high school. She still found a way to fight back and be positive. She does not let an obstacle such as an injury interfere with her school work.


Sullivan said, “Hard work always pays off even if The results may not be immediate.”