Noll-hosted summer camps offer paid opportunity to student counselors

Carly Sanchez, Staff reporter

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  Bishop Noll will be hosting a set of summer camps for local grade school students to attend from July 9-23. The summer camp sessions includes both athletic camps and STEM camps and are available for kids from preschool to 8th grade.

  The summer program is held just like a school day, from 8 a.m-3 p.m., with the idea that young children who would normally be sent to a babysitter or daycare can now receive an educational experience at a lower price tag.  

  “This is a great opportunity for working families to send their kids here,” said principal Lorenza Pastrick, who is the architect behind this brainchild.

 Students come into play for this program as freshman, sophomores, and juniors can work as camp counselors. The school would compensate students by knocking off some tuition. So far, there are about 20 applicants and not everyone will be hired. An interview will take place before a student is hired. Seniors can play a role as well by getting paid $9 an hour.

  “The camp is designed for students in mind knowing that tuition is not very economical. I wanted to give a chance for students to work for the school as service hours.”

  “Hopefully we get a huge buy-in and kids sign up, so I can put my students to work,” Pastrick said.

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