The Sugar Factory

Logan Kelsey, Staff Reporter

My favorite place to go to for treats in any weather is The Sugar Factory because it’s so cute and they have so many delicious desserts. The Sugar Factory has many locations in multiple states, but the one I always go to is on 55 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611. I went there for my sixteenth birthday last year and the best thing I had there was a candy-flavored goblet. It’s a drink that comes in this huge class and there’s dry ice in the glass so that it smokes up when the waiter pours the actual drink in it which they do at your table so that you can see. They fill the drink up with candy as well and what candy it is depends on what flavor you ordered; I always order the Ocean Blue Goblet (nonalcoholic of course) and they fill it up with blue gummy sharks. The other dessert I really liked was the King Kong Sundae which has lots of candy, chocolate syrup, ice cream, waffle cones, sprinkles, sparklers, etc. The Ocean Blue Goblet is $29 and the King Kong Sundae is $34. The Sugar Factory’s hours are 11am-11pm Monday through Thursday, 11am-1am Friday, 10am-2am Saturday, and 10am-11pm Sunday.