Drama club stars in fall rom-com

1st time theatre director brings Almost, Maine to Bishop Noll stage


Angela Luna, Staff Reporter

Bishop Noll welcomes Ms. Kayla Jones as the new theater director, who promises to bring a fresh start to theater, as she takes on the Fall production, Almost, Maine, this November.
Jones graduated from Ball State University this past spring with a degree in Theat- er Education and is taking her first teach- ing job at Noll. Her devotion and love for theater create hope for a new, revamped theater department.
When asked about goals for the drama department, Jones’ explained, “This year it is to establish well-defined, tiered theatre classes, push interest in the school produc- tions, and to continue challenging students and the community to see the value of The- atre outside of classroom setting.”
At the same time, she plans on expanding the department into a drama club that will eventually be an official thespian troupe with the International Thespian Society. The club will hold bi-weekly meetings and workshops to allow students who might not be in classes or productions to take part and learn about Theatre. There are also future plans for fundraisers and even the pro- duction of the clubs own shows and events.
Jones’ new proposal for the drama depart- ment will begin with this fall’s production, Almost Maine, a collection of nine shorter plays. It will offer a decently sized cast of 19. Jones explains the show requires a rela- tively large cast because each scene is its own story, allowing individual actors an opportunity to take on major roles. At the same time, the show’s set offers opportu- nity for students to show creativity when creating and showcasing the setting which features an ethereal natural phenomenon.
Every scene has its own unique char- acters, due to the different stories taking place at an exact moment in time. It is light-hearted, while still offering raw mo- ments of truth and even sorrow. It adds a bit of magic with its feature of the Northern Lights. Jones explains, “The special lighting of this show during key moments is what really makes this show special and beautiful.”
Set in modern times, the play explores love and loss in a remote, mythical small town. Jones relates it to a city like Ham- mond and Bishop Noll where everyone knows everyone. She says the play will spark student interest and connection by saying, “Highschool is a time in your lives where you are experiencing all these things at once. This play serves as a relatable experience for many.”
The production will open Friday, November 16 at 7:30pm. It will continue Nov. 17th and 18th.
On the 16th and 17th: doors open at 7pm. Meanwhile, on the 18th: doors opens at 2:00 and the show begins at 2:30pm. It’s es- timated to run for 1 hour and 20 minutes and will include a short intermission.