STEM, Engineering Classes Create with New 3D printer

  Bishop Noll STEM and Introduction to Engineering classes have added a 3D printer to their growing collection of 21st century tools.Engineering instructor Mr. Brian Lambie says that they will only use the 3D printer for the Introduction of Engineering class, but will be offering more classes in the coming years with more chances to use the 3D printer.

  Currently, the classes are learning about how the printer works and how to properly calibrate  it.

  Mrs. Mary Albrecht, STEM instructor, has high hopes for the printer’s use with her freshmen STEM students.

  “We are moving forward with our classes through Project Lead The Way (PLTW)”, Albrecht says. “Students will be able to see first hand the creations that they have designed.”

  PLTW is a great opportunity for present and future Noll students.

  Lambie says that the 3D modeling offers the students a chance to actually create something they cannot out of conventional materials.

  With the upcoming construction of Bishop Noll’s new STREAM Lab, Albrecht explains that her vision for the STREAM Lab is to have multiple sets of 3D printers that can create more jobs at a faster rate. Lambie also says that they hope to have many 3D printers available to operate at once. The 3D printer that they have currently and will use in the STREAM room is called “NWA3D A5”. The school received a grant from the Hammond Community Corporation and Albrecht chose this printer so students could learn from it and use it while in class.

  Lambie says that it cost about $700 to include a kit, filament, and tools to running and maintaining the printer.

  Since having the printer, the students, Albrecht, and Lambie have printed out keychains so the students can get used to it.

  “Once we get deeper into the class, students will have more opportunities to create and print their own designs,” explains Lambie.

  Albrecht also warned us to check back with us in November to see the amazing eD models that the student created and printed out. She also said they will be creating Christmas ornaments name tags, puzzle cubes, toys for children with Cerebral Palsy, redesigned automobloxes, and maybe some of their own original project ideas.