“A New Look”

Angela Luna

Over the summer Bishop Noll went under a renovation process, clearing out all of its existing lockers. The compact, 9 inch, beige lockers that made up the hallways for decades were replaced with navy blue lockers that double in size. The new lockers measure 18 inches and feature built in locks. This renovation is meant to give students more space and accommodate their athletic needs. 

    Senior Dariana Murillo, explains that the lockers are a helpful upgrade, “They are way better than the old ones, they fit more and I don’t have to worry about what I can and can’t bring to school like previous years.” She also explains how they are will really help during the sport season, “I can’t wait for tennis, I can finally fit my tennis bag and racket in my locker and not worry about where I am going to put my stuff.”

    Along with practicality the lockers make Noll look better. “I really enjoy the new lockers. They make the hallways look nicer, I especially like the navy it gives Bishop Noll a new look,” Junior Abigail Kawalec expresses her like for the new lockers.