Bishop Noll’s El Camino Retreat attend a Holocaust Survivor Presentation

Angela Luna

Bishop Noll’s first sophomore retreat of the school year took place on September 5th and September 6th. El Camino is retreat based on each student’s individual journey. The retreat is student lead and focuses on the journey one faces with themselves and their faith.

    This year Bishop Noll students had the opportunity to learn about another person’s journey. On Friday, the sophomores, student leaders, and adult leaders attending the retreat watched a presentation delivered by Holocaust survivor, Frank Grunwald. 

    Grunwald share and compelling and redemptive story showing pictures throughout. The lecture ended with a Q&A session. 

    Leaders and students took away from the presentation.

Senior Julianna Martinez, explained how Grunwald impacted her, “Hearing his story touched my heart in a way I didn’t know was possible. Having gone on El Camino before and leading it before, it was a different experience where you see his journey through the way of El Camino realizing how strong a person can be. 

    Sophomore Addison Cipowski explained how Grunwald’s story impacted her,

“It was heartbreaking to listen to story about an innocent boy who suffered so much. This really makes you realize how everyone has a different journey through life.”