New Club: Shakespeare Slam

Angela Luna

This fall Bishop Noll and fifty other Chicago land area high schools will come together to celebrate the power of Shakespeare in the Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s third annual Chicago Shakespeare Slam.

    The Chicago Shakespeare Slam is a program and competition combines the love for Shakespeare’s work, acting, voice, and creativity. The program allows students to have the opportunity to dive deep into a shared text and interpret it artistically. 

    The 2019 theme is the The Comedy of Errors. Each team will prepare two performance pieces to be performed at a Saturday Regional Bout. A Shakespeare scene selected by the team and a creative exploration inspired by The Comedy of Errors. The top-scoring teams advance to perform in a Final Bout on December 9, at  Chicago Shakespeare Theater.

    Bishop Noll lead by Ms. Chapleau, the team’s sponsor and coach, will be performing a short interpretation of As You Like, a romantic comedy about love at first sight. As well as interpreting The Comedy of Errors in a funny modern way, taking the stories words out of context and incorporating play on words. 

    Club Member, Litzi Maldonado describes the club as fun and different. She says its new experience that takes a different toll on acting. “For one of my scenes I have to be a serious character trying to tell my life story, while two instagiators constantly interrupt and mock me. It’s hard remaining serious because our lines are so funny, but there is so much to it that acting is different,” explains Maldonado.