Senior entrepreneurs successful in online retail

Sleepy Ghostie sells enamel pins and other products on Instagram


Angela Luna, Editor-in-Chief

Three BNI seniors decided to convert their free time, creativity, and passion for art into an aesthetic business.

Jilsuri Hernandez, Catherine Menge, and Alexandra Ortega started an online shop and Instagram business called Sleepy Ghostie Shop where they sell enamel pins and stickers on social media and online retail platforms like Etsy.

Alex, Catherine, and Jil developed their business through a shared passion for art. All three students ran their own art accounts where they completed art commissions, requested artwork, or drawings that varied in price depending on their request.

“I originally came up with the idea of the shop because wanted to make money. I knew my friends and I could do it through art. I proposed the idea and stared brainstorming. I took into consideration trendy art shop names that were cute and popular and used my original account’s name @jill_the_ghost and made it trendy, then Sleepy Ghostie was started,” Jill explained how she had the initiative to start the business.

Their experience with art design, pricing, and selling techniques on social media allowed them to understand the creative industry online and know what consumers liked.

They developed a plan to create and manufacture physical products with unique and aesthetic art designs that would benefit them and the industry.

They convert their art into creating products within graphic design and the creative industry, such as pins and stickers. Sleepy Ghostie’s products are for artists and people interested in Japanese styled art.

Their artwork shows an arrange of pastel colors to showcase a soft and cute aesthetic. They implement pop culture and trendy ideas to create unique takes on trends.

Sleepy Ghostie allows for a creative platform where marketing and advertising is personal and constant with consumers. The girls post updates and new products on their social media platforms and have 100% control of how they showcase their brand.

“Not only was this an entrepreneurial experience, but it was also a creative outlet where we get to make everything look good and appeal to our audience,” explains Alex.

Sleepy Ghostie began in the summer of 2019 and they hope to continue the company and expand it.

“We hope to eventually create our own ‘brand’ which will include a variety of items such as acrylic keychains, phone cases, water bottles, clothing apparel, and more,” Jil explained.

Pins tend to sell for $12 but you can get a student discount for 20% off your next purchase. For the discount code, contact them via DM on instagram @sleepyghostie.