Harlem Wizards returned to Noll for second time

Nataly Salas , Staff Reporter

Bishop Noll hosted the Harlem Wizards game for the second year on Thursday, Jan.9, 2020. The Harlem Wizards are a professional basketball team with an aim to entertain the crowd using tricks and alley-oops instead of being primarily focused on winning games. 

According to Mr. Roldan, athletic director, ticket sales started off slow until a day or two before the event. Roldan explained how Noll got outside community members to come to the game for the fun of it and not for the money. 

“A lot of us were constantly sharing posts and videos trying to build up the excitement and it most definitely worked,” he said.“We don’t really look at the event as a money maker. We really want it to bring a lot of community members together to have a really fun night at Bishop Noll.”