Bishop Noll’s women’s empowerment club uplifts young females


Aaliyah Sierra, Staff Reporter

   A women’s empowerment club, which first began as a conversation between juniors Carmelina Komyatte and Alejandra Castellanos, has turned into a group of Noll students that mentor and uplift middle school girls to discuss issues pertinent to females today.

   “The club’s mantra is mentorship, charity, and empowerment,” said Komyatte.The students hold fundraisers to donate to charities. This past October, the club sold pink frosted donuts to raise money for Breast Cancer research. 

   On Feb.7, the club will be sponsoring a movie night for a donation to the Sojourner Truth House in Gary. In order to attend, each student must donate at least one hygiene product.

   “The mission of the group is to spark a discussion of healthy relationships, self image, and lastly to empower girls,” said Alejandra. Students who don’t see each other on a daily basis get to connect with other girls and seek friendships.

   “Seeing how many girls were interested in a club like this really inspired me,” said Komyatte. “It makes me happy that other girls think this is important.” 

   The club meets every two weeks during Friday SRTs. Anyone is welcome to join and may do so by flyers outside of Mrs. Fredricksen’s, Ms. Dostatni’s, and Mrs. Albrect’s old STEM room.