Regional Federal Credit Union offering scholarships for high school seniors

Nataly Salas , Staff Reporter

The Regional Federal Credit Union is offering the  Next Generation Scholarship to all seniors who plan to attend a two or four year college, technical or trade school in the fall. To apply for the scholarship, students should fill out an application that can be picked up in the guidance office and submit a 250 word essay explaining why saving money is important. All is due by March 13. 

“The ideal candidate is one who knows why saving money is important and can express it in writing,”said  Bobbie Escalante, Director of Educational Initiatives of the Regional Credit Union. 

According to Escalante, the writing portion of the application is very important in the decision for awarding the scholarship.

“The screening process consists of removing the name and any other identifying information from the application/essay,” Escalante said. “The volunteer readers which can be made up of REGIONALS Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee, and other volunteers are given copies of the essay and the scoring rubric.  They submit their individual scores to the CEO. The CEO compiles the scoring rubric for all essays and the top two are selected as winners.”. 

There are two $500 scholarships given out a year. The scholarship is not renewable.