Inside the New Biomed Course

Ariyah Taylor, Staff Reporter

New to the science curriculum this year, the biomedical science class is a hands-on science course that allows students to get a sneak peak into different fields they can pursue with a focus on biology. There are several long term investigative projects with lands and activities weaved into the class. Students learn how to diagnose and treat patients as a doctor or other healthcare worker would. 

    “What caught my attention about the class was the units that it was broken down into,” said senior Alejandra Casteallanos. “Our first unit focused on forensics, our second one focused on health care, and the third is supposed to focus on outbreaks and emergency response, very fitting for this year.”. 

She believes that this class is very beneficial to students because it puts everyone in the shoes of medical professionals.

 “Our most interesting activity yet has definitely been the dissection we did of a sheep’s heart,” she said. “However, my favorite activity was the blood typing lab we did in which we had to determine people’s blood type by seeing how it reacted when exposed to anti-A and anti-B antibodies. I also really liked the blood drawing lab we did which stimulated a medical clinical setting.”

    Teacher Ms. Becky Dostatni chose to teach this class because she enjoys connecting biology with medical, real-life issues. 

“There are many Bishop Noll students interested in pursuing a career in medicine, nursing, or other related healthcare fields so this class will give them specific and realistic preparation,” Dostatni said..”It’s important to understand healthcare and medical stuff anyway because we all need to see doctors throughout our lifetime”,

 Her favorite activity of the class thus far was the phlebotomy arm, as well. She also suggests this class for anyone interested in medicine or nursing.