Ceramics course brings 3D to fine arts curriculum


Ariyah Taylor

A piece of ceramic art made by the instructor, Jennifer Gwaizda, as an example for her new ceramics class at Bishop Noll.

Ariyah Taylor, Staff Reporter

After two years of trying to add the class to the curriculum, the visual arts department will be adding an  all-new ceramics course as a fine arts credit. In ceramics, the students will be creating and glazing both functional and decorative pieces of ceramic art. 

A very exciting part of this class for the instructor, Mrs. Gwiazda, is the way the class gets really happy and loud the first time they have to knead the clay. 

“Ceramics is a very hands-on and therapeutic class to take,” Gwiazda said.. “The act of creating something out of a lump of clay can be stress relieving and help build confidence– not just for the students but for me as well!”

Although it is not required, it is suggested to have some art experience, whether from grade school or an intro art class at BNI, before taking this course. This first-semester-exclusive course is offered to any student at Bishop Noll.

“Students will use all of the techniques they learn to create a ‘clay creature’ near the end of the semester,” Gwiazda said. “I have had former students collaborate in groups to make their projects go together. One year, a group made Mario, Luigi, Toad, and the Princess,” she says.

This class will meet in the STREAM Lab or the Art Room where students will have access to a kiln. Students will use clay, glazing, and hand building tools. 

“All classes in the Visual Arts department are 2D, it’s about time we explore 3D!” Gwiazda said.. “I also think this class will get everyone who takes it to have a deeper connection to the Arts and how they can impact you in positive ways– by building critical thinking skills, increasing confidence, and allowing Art to be a positive outlet for stress. I can’t wait to teach this class and for students to enjoy!”