New Sociology course for 2021-2022 discusses adolescent social issues


Yessenia Roman , Staff Reporter

There will be a new sociology course breaking through for juniors becoming seniors and sophomores becoming juniors next year who need an elective credit. 


The course will explore current sociological topics and issues, including family/group influences, bullying, body image, depression, race, drugs, delinquency and the juvenile justice system.


It is a course that will allow the students to learn, explore and share their ideas in the classroom.


Ms. Annjanette Ortega, social studies teacher, will be teaching the course. She addressed that the course will not be taught as a ‘sit and listen to a lecture’ type of class. She expectsed her students to actively participate in class discussions and bring in their own experiences and knowledge. 


 “I am excited to have this opportunity to teach this course at the high school level,” she said.. “I have 7 yearsyrs experience as a child/adolescent therapist, and I have taught psychology and sociology at the college level. I have a special interest in social issues and, especially, juvenile delinquency. I look forward to teaching the students about social issues because they are getting ready to enter the adult world. They will explore topics they may have never addressed and learn something about themselves at the same time. My work experience allows me to teach in a more real world type of presentation.”


This course is different from a regular sociology class because it goes beyond the book. Ortega said “ I will be able to use her real world case studies from when I worked as a therapist and worked with the juvenile justice system. I can also bring in resources from people/organizations that specialize in a topic and possibly have a guest contributor on stories to give it a world feeling.”


According to Ortega, this new sociology course will oOpen the eyes of the future students that will attend it and allow their thoughts to be heard, explore new topics and one action decisions can change their world.