Returning to Normality

Jacob Washington, Staff Reporter

Bishop Noll will be returning to somewhat normalcy for the 2021-22 school year. As the school year approaches, a whole new game plan has to be formed to ensure the students can come back to a safe environment.

The 2020-21 school year was anything but normal. Now that the CDC has approved multiple vaccines for anyone 12 and up, as well as advised fully vaccinated people to now go maskless when together, a sense of normality can be somewhat replaced in the school.

According to Mrs. Lorenza Pastrick, the principal, the normal elements that will be reimplemented will heavily depend on the vaccination numbers in the fall. “I will follow the CDC and their recommendations for vaccinated and non-vaccinated students,” she said.

There are lots of freshmen from the class of 2024 that have been virtual all year and have not yet had the chance to meet their peers and get acquainted with Bishop Noll or high school for that matter. Essentially, they will be entering the school doors next year as first year students. Mrs. Pastrick would like to work on getting these students acclimated to the high school social life.

“We are working on a different type of orientation for both next year’s freshmen and sophomores,” she said.

This school year has been weird to say the least. This is especially true for the students who were both virtual and in person. Junior Daniel Huerta is ready and excited to go back in person full time.

“I’m most excited about making the most of it because it’s my senior year,” Huerta said. “I’m also looking forward to potentially having normal occasions like homecoming and pep rallies again.”

Along with excitement, Huerta is also feeling a bit nervous about certain aspects of returning to “normality”. Huerta says that he is nervous about an outbreak within the school because anything that can happen.