Homecoming spirit week is right around the corner

Aquyla Ollie, Staff Reporter

Homecoming spirit week will be is September 20-24, and the theme for the week is “Tangled.”
In addition to dress-up days, there will be several events planned for the week, including an outdoor pep rally on Friday and a scavenger hunt. “Students can expect to see their favorite pre-COVID activities–like the pep rally and costume contests–return in some fashion,” said Ms. Marisa Renwald, spirit week coordinator. “There will be a scavenger hunt for Pascal the chameleon each day of the week with prizes increasing in value each day…Students can BYO their own blankets or lawn chairs and lawn games. There will also be a couple of contest opportunities for free tickets to the dance.”

An overwhelming majority voted for the theme “Tangled”, and the spirit week committee hopes to include it in each day. “This year has a couple Disney themes as opposed to years before,” said senior Addison Cipowski, spirit week committee member.. “Decades Day has been used before because everyone loves it. Celebrity- look- alike day will be exciting because I can’t wait to see who everyone dresses up as.”

The student council hopes more students participate this year than they did last year. Addison Cipowski expressed, “It is what you make it and the more people that dress up the more fun. When everyone dresses up it just creates a lighthearted spirit in the school.” “With the Tangled theme, we’re trying to take some of those key fairy tale elements from the movie and incorporate them into the daily activities. Students can expect to see paper lanterns, a chameleon hidden in the wild, awesome decorations, and hopefully plenty of great hair styles,” Renwald said
Even though Covid-19 got in the way of things last year, the school is trying to make everything as normal as possible. “Obviously, this year’s spirit week will be different than previous years’ spirit week because students will be masked,” Renwald said. “But besides maintaining social distancing, everything should be just as fun.”

The student council expects a completely culture of active participants as students who either never experienced a true spirit week or missed out on it last year are anxious to celebrate. “Spirit week 2020 felt weird,” Renwald said.. “The whole vibe was off because half of the students weren’t even in the building, and I think there’s definitely the desire in this year’s student council to boost the student morale. We’d like to recreate the excitement that we had for Homecoming a few years ago, and all of the pieces are in place for it to happen: the football team is the best they’ve been in the past 6 years, all of the students are back in the building, and the student council has the energy to make it a great week for everyone!”